ISO proposal to develop wide ranging global standards for the exhibition industry falls through


Many of the associations who are UFI members have reached out to us in recent months about the ISO proposal regarding our industry, elements of the project and the voting process. This was also the main item on the agenda at our Association Committee meeting in Shanghai. There, a senior expert from the Chinese Standardisation Agency was available to answer questions about the proposal that originated from China.

A poll among UFI’s association members showed that, when applying the voting rules that ISO applies to its voting process, our industry decided to turn down the proposal. In a letter to the ISO General Secretary, UFI President Andreas Gruchow shared this outcome.

Voting for the proposal within IS members closed on November 16, a week later the organization has released the result, stating that “the subject proposal for a new ISO committee to develop standards for exhibitions, events and conventions failed to meet the ISO member vote approval criteria for such proposals. As a result, this activity will not be proceeding in ISO.”

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